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5 Valuable Lessons You Only Learn From Being Stuck In The Friendzone

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The Friendzone is a cruel and lonely place. Few are able to successfully escape and survive. But as much as you want to avoid being in this situation, there are things that you just can’t control, especially that traitor heart of yours. Because, in the end, we don’t get the luxury of choosing who we’ll fall in love with. We just fall. And if you fall in love with a friend, and the feeling is not returned, it is just so damn heartbreaking.

I have been in that God forsaken “zone” for years. Not just once, but many times. It seems that all love attempts in my life, involve falling in love, specifically with a friend, and be rejected afterwards. It is indeed a pitiful experience. But to tell you the truth, I’m not truly sorry for all of the heartbreaking rejections that I have experienced…

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