Life is short. Let us not complicate things by confusing others and overloading them with information that they will not need.

Lifein750words is a blog where things, issues, information and stories are discussed and summed up in a maximum of 750 words.

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  1. Smart women, i agree, understands. I mean, the true ones do. It’s funny that women who are average, are the harder ones to please… sometimes. The problem with men going after smart women is that barrier that exists in their heads that they will have to break before everything can be easy and smooth sailing. That barrier is the thought that they are not smart enough, interesting enough, funny enough or attractive enough to have something to bring to the table. it’s literally grasping on straws and walking on a tightrope. He reads more, he researches more, he practices more and puts more pressure on themselves just to cope up.

    all of this for nothing because smart women, real smart women, don’t care for that. Nonetheless, this is what happens. no matter how you tell the guy it’s not an issue, it just becomes stronger. Believe me for I’ve been there…

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