[SPECIAL POST] A Letter To My 2015 Self

Dear 2015 self,

Wow, just wow. Look at you so happy and contented. Congratulations for having one of the most amazing years in your life so far.

Amazing is not even enough word to describe how you’ve been this year. If we will base it on your 2015 checklist, you did a pretty good job.

Starting with that travel list, you went way too far from what you have planned. You just plan on travelling to one place, but you ended up travelling to many. You even discovered wonderful places that you will never forget.

That Sagada trip you had last February, it was lovely and unforgettable, and I know you would like to come back again.

And that shotgun trip to Baler? It was awesome! The hike, the beach, the sunrise! Everything is so wonderful that you can’t get enough of it. Too bad you only have two days to enjoy the whole place.

And for your birthday in August? You nailed it by celebrating it in Zoobic Safari in Subic with your friends! It was so crazy! It was your first time to be in a zoo! It was an unexpected experience. You’re really lucky to have awesome friends who force you to be in that place.

But the craziest among all these trips, is that shotgun trip in Davao! What the hell were you thinking? What were you doing there? How did you suddenly book a flight in a place you don’t have an idea about? And you didn’t even dare research and create a travel itinerary for that! But I know being in an unknown place, and not knowing what to do is part of the thrill.

But the most memorable and unexpected trip this year (I’m not talking about that geek infested toycon in Manila last July) is being part of the biggest event in the country – Pope’s Francis’ visit to the Philippines. Too bad you were not able to see the Pope, but being there in the same spot where he was is enough experience to make it memorable and special.

I know all these places are not in your travel list this year. You didn’t even make it to your number one travel list – Boracay. But not going in Boracay has opened a lot of other opportunities that you know you won’t regret. So congratulations! And I know this year, after those crazy and shotgun trips, you can’t be stop to travel more and discover other places. Just be careful and wise, and enjoy the journey. Who knows you might end up travelling wearing a neat and beautiful trench coat outside the country or a sexy one piece or two piece bikini in your dream island… with the one.

Travelling to different good places this year will never be possible if you are not financially stable. I know you are not, not yet. But with all the work opportunities you’ve received this year, you were able to save and allocate enough money to travel. Also, you were able to invest again your money in a good insurance plan! Good job! You are among the few millennials who actually know how to save and spend. LOL

I know this year is not perfect. Just like last year, there were also bumps along the journey. But these bumps are what make this year challenging and extra special.

This year has become challenging because you’ve faced one of the major turnarounds of your career. And I thought you won’t be able survive it. But you did survive it. You’ve finally taken the courage to step out of your comfort zone and discover what lies ahead.

I know leaving your current work is not easy. You even hesitated and was clouded with doubts. But more than being terrified, you were actually excited to learn something new and be in a new place.

Leaving a good company may not be the best decision, for others. But I know that you need to leave and let go because if you don’t, you’ll only hate yourself for deciding to stay and pretend to be happy.

I know the new work that you have is not that perfect and I’m sensing that you have doubts about it right now. But I know those doubts will soon fade away. You know why? Because you won’t let that doubts rule over you and ruin your chance of learning and discover new things, which is the main reason why you left, right? So again, congratulations BIG GIRL for being so brave in stepping out of your comfort zone.

Even though you’ve discovered new things and places and made bold decisions this year, I’m still a bit disappointed in you. Why? Because you’ve become lax on some of your bucket list. Unlike last year, you were not able to complete your reading challenge. What’s worse is that you have 4 unfinished books and 2 unwritten book reviews!

You also have unfinished manuscripts!!! I know last 2014, you’ve received a lot of rejections. But it was better to be rejected than not to try. You were supposed to write, write and write this year. And don’t get me started on that approved manuscript last March. It was an old project that you tried to salvage, so it is not counted. And you also failed to join a writing contest this year!

Well, I know, I should not be hard on you. Because in all fairness, you’ve written a lot this year. You’ve written corporate documents, blogs, website contents, etc almost every week. But we know that is not what you want. Yes, these jobs help you pay the bills, but we know it doesn’t help you feed your heart and writing soul.

So this year, even though you’ll be busy writing stuff for people, make time to write for yourself. I know you did a good job this year in being able to contribute in a well-followed website, but I want you to work harder this year.

A lot of opportunities are there and I know you will grab it. There will be a lot of rejections this time, but who cares, you’ve survived rejections before, but did it stop you from doing what you love doing? Hell no!

Anyway, there a lot of things that did and did not happen this year. It’s a bit disappointing but I know, that disappointment is nothing compared to how happy and contented you are right now. Because after all these years, 2015 is finally the year you found someone who truly cares. And I know, from this day forward, your life will never be the same.

This year, Lord has blessed you with the gift of family, with a good career, wonderful friends, and a special someone, and hopefully this 2016, you will be able to give back to Him.

Congratulations for making it alive, happy and inlove this 2016.

Taking over,

Your 2016 Self ver 2.0

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