ONE SHOT: Love In The Time Of Zombie Apocalypse

To the cute boy beside me

You probably know me as the grumpy girl with unruly hair sitting beside you. I know I’m a little scary and smiling is not really my thing. So I don’t really blame you for being indifferent towards me.  Actually, I am also a little indifferent towards you. Maybe because we are strangers to each other and the only connection we have is that little space that separates my chair from you. So it was really surprising on my part that you will suddenly visit me in my dreams. Yes, I have dreamed of you last night. And from that dream, your presence and existence in my world has greatly changed.

I know that it was just a dream, but still I want to share it with you. Not because I want to frighten or creep you out, but because that dream has stirred something inside my heart.

So here how it goes.

I was in a zombie apocalypse world. There is no sun. The air is chilling cold. There were ruins everywhere. I was with my friends, but I can’t seem to figure out who exactly they are.

We were hiding in an abandoned place. From that place, we can see zombies roaming around the area.

While watching the zombies trying to find their next target, you suddenly appeared from nowhere. You are being chased by a large volume of them.

Despite being strangers to each other, I immediately recognized you and felt a familiar connection inside me.

My body moved on its own and hurriedly used all my strength to open the door. But before you reach the door, a zombie has touched your arm. In my dream, any physical contact with the zombie can easily turn you into one.

Once you were safe inside, my friends immediately closed the door.

I saw you fall down the cold floor. The zombie virus is spreading faster in your whole body – from your feet, up to your stomach and to your arms. Your body is slowly rotting. I know there is nothing we can do but to kill you before you become a zombie. 

The thought of losing you has made me feel this unbearable pain in my chest. From that moment, I know I cannot lose you. And so I did not hesitate to hug and kiss you.

I have tasted the saltiness of our mingled tears. I know, it will just be a matter of seconds before I become zombie myself. But being in your arms is the most comforting thing I have felt in that world.

Then, suddenly I saw your body turned into its normal color. The zombie virus is slowly disappearing. I was shocked. I saw you smile and you suddenly hugged me like there is no tomorrow.

When the virus suddenly disappeared and you regained your strength, you ask me why I risked my life for you.

Then, I told you that I love you. You also told me you love me too.

We are still in that apocalyptic world. But the love and affection we have for each other has made us strong and made that godforsaken world suddenly a lovely paradise.

Then, I woke up.

I know this is too much for a dream – a product of our consciousness while we are unconscious. But as I try to recall everything – the cold air, the sunless sky, the ruined place, the zombies, even you. It was like a first-hand experience. Perhaps, there are just dreams that seem to be real.

I don’t know why I had that weird dream, with you as the main character. But that dream, as I have said, has awakened something inside me. I am not fantasizing you. You are a stranger to me. But after that dream, it seems that a hidden feeling inside of me is starting to come out.

I don’t know what to do with this feeling. It may bloom, without my consent, or it may not. Over time, we may become friends or we may stay strangers, unless, a divine intervention will take place and we find ourselves in each other’s arms again. Though, hopefully, reality or not, I wished it won’t be in that same apocalyptic world.

#lessthanthree #LoveInTheTimeOfZombieApocalypse

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