A glimpse of green heaven: Be captivated by the magic of Gintung Pakpak

I believe that heaven is not all clouds and angels. I think, heaven can also be something that is green and serene. And I was able to prove this when I first step into a heavenly like paradise at Gintuk Pakpak.


Built on the slopes of Mt. Arayat, Gintong Pakpak is an eco park that houses different scenic views and peaceful surroundings. An escape from the busy, noisy and stressful life of the city, the place is good for revitalizing the body and for self-meditation.

After being confined in the fast paced life of the city, I never thought that I would discover something this wonderful here in Pampanga. All this time I was so consumed with the thoughts of going to other places just to relax and reinvigorate myself from all the stress, not knowing that such paradise exist in my own hometown. Suddenly, the thought of discovering this wonderful place here in my own province made me more proud to be a Kapampangan.

The place is very relaxing. Situated in the mountain, you will feel the magical force from the garden of trees, the melodic sound of the rippling water and the cold embrace of fresh mountain air. Being inside the place will make you forget all the negative vibes of the city. You will leave all your burdens behind because the whole surroundings will just consume you and revive in you, your inner Zen.


As you walk on the elevated concrete trail, your eyes will feast at the majestic view of the surroundings. At the entrance, you will be greeted by the cute and creative rock formations. I’ve seen these rock formations before when I was in the underground river of Sagada. You will also enjoy looking at a number of ponds in the area where different colors of Koi fish are peacefully swimming.

To fully enjoy the whole place, villas, function halls, campsite and gardens were created inside. There is also a natural spring water pool that you can enjoy. Unlike the commercialized pools we are used to, the water used here comes from the nearby waterfall. Thus, it is cold, clean and very relaxing.


Being on the mountain, you can have the power to hear your own voice echoing together with the different mountain insects or animals. Also, the sun is not as hot as it is when you are in the city. With the many trees surrounding you, the warm embrace of the sun is enough to lose yourself in this paradise.

What makes me even more proud about this place is that it promotes Kapampangan culture. From the signages of the villas, the gardens and other recreational areas to the decorations and appeal of the whole place, everything is authentic Kapampangan. With this, I easily felt connected to the whole area.

We just stayed here for five hours. But that five hours already left a big mark inside of me. I was so captivated by the whole beauty of this heavenly paradise.

With the limited time I spent here, it has been indeed just a glimpse, a glimpse that I will forever treasure and recall for the rest of my life. I’m happy that I left my heart there. For I have a reason to return and fall in love again. Who knows, next time, it won’t be a glimpse anymore, but a full view and feel of this secret heaven.


Photo credits to http://www.clarkisit.com/


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