ONE SHOT: The unforgettable date

*Play this song while reading this one shot


He was looking at me like there’s no tomorrow. And I seem to get lost in his eyes.

His stares pierce right through me.

His eyes created a magical barrier to separate us from the world.

And I felt the magic.

Being in this moment, I suddenly felt the fast beating of my heart and of his heart, together.

The rhythmic beating of our hearts seems to create an enchanting music, as good as Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

And from here, I knew, It’s time.

I knew that sitting in this coffee shop, staring at each other and feeling our heartbeats., I knew he would finally say the words I have longed to hear in my entire life.

He would finally utter the words that would end my years of waiting. The only words that would finally connect me to him.

Finally, my feelings have reached him.

I thought I was ready to be in this moment. But I guess nothing will ever prepare me for this.

I gather all the remaining strength that I have.

I knew, the moment he opens his lips, it would be the start of US.


He smiled.

And again, I fell.

This is it.

He opened his lips…

..and said those three words

I love her.”


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