Where to find the strongest connection in the world

Admit it or not, we spend almost our time with the internet. Working with that big project, downloading important files, online chatting with our friends, scrolling down pictures of cats or debating stupid dress color – whatever is our reason, we seem to need the internet to survive the day. With this, I think we should revisit Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Seriously, our dependence for the internet is alarmingly growing in an exponentially dangerous level. I won’t try to defend or make myself plead not guilty when it comes to this. I have to admit that I am also an internet addict. Having an unlimited mobile data connection on my phone and a high speed internet connection on my PC, I spend almost all my damn time doing nothing but surfing the internet.

Even if I am with my friends, chilling out or having coffee, I would still be on my phone, scrolling down my FB wall, and reading tweets, or typing random stuffs on Google. It makes me occupied even though I don’t have to since I am already with my friends. My friends don’t nag me for not paying attention to them, since they also seem occupied doing stuff with their phones.

The only time we can finally talk to each other is when their respective internet connection starts to get slow. We will be lucky if the internet will totally be out or unavailable for a significant period of time. Because, finally, we will be forced to talk to each other.

Whenever I think about this, I can’t help but be depressed. I know we are missing out so many things because of being too consumed with the virtual world. We are even putting our personal relationship at risk for not having an open and face-to-face communication with each other.

Today, it seems that we pay more attention to stupid things. We are so occupied with finding the right spot or place to get good signal for our internet connection instead of looking for the right place to relax and chat with our friends. We often get annoyed when there is no signal and the internet becomes slow instead of being happy that we are together with the people we want to be with. We often get mad if the internet is unavailable or our phone’s battery is low instead of being thankful of having a good quality time with our bffs.

I realized that when wifi or mobile data connection is out, I can finally hear the real “hahas” of my friends. I can finally watch their hand gestures when they animatedly tell their stories. I can finally see their real facial expressions that are far different from the moving emoticons that they sent to me online. And finally, their voices are not as distorted as when I call them via Skype or Viber. I finally realized that these smiles and shared happy moments are actually the strongest connection that I can get that do not require a password. This inexpensive, crystal clear and fast connection is the only thing that is worth keeping.

Funny how we often desire to have the fastest internet connection. But we failed to see that there is already an existing connection in every one of us. Maybe that’s just how things go. We tend to neglect the things that are already with us and when they are gone, we longed and regretted losing them.

There is nothing wrong with the internet. In this time and age, we need it. But as we progress, we should not forget those things that are already with us. Stop looking for the strongest and fastest connection, ask your friend and have him tethered his connection with you. #punintended



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