ONE SHOT: The girl who wished to be beautiful

One day, a girl asked a genie for a wish.

Make me beautiful!”

The genie smiled and said, “Are you sure?”

Yes!” said the girl with all conviction.

The genie stares at the girl for a moment and nods. “Ok.”

The girl smiled and waited for the genie to do his magic. The genie closed his eyes as if in reverie. Then he looked at the girl and smiled. “There you go.”

The girl looked at her hand, her body and started touching her face. “That’s it?” the girl asked as if not believing what just happened.

You’re beautiful.” The genie confidently said.

The girl just looked at the genie as if not believing what he just said for the girl did not feel anything magical happened to her.

Really?” She inquired.

But the genie just smiled and said, “Don’t you trust the power of a genie? Why don’t you go and see for yourself how beautiful you are.”

The girl was quiet for a moment and realized that the genie might be telling the truth. So without any doubts, the girl returned a smile to the friendly genie and said, “Thank you.”

Then the girl happily went away. She saw the one that she love and without hesitation, approached the boy.

Since the girl is now beautiful, she confidently greeted the guy. “Hello!”

The boy turned his head and looked at the girl. “Yes?”

The girl felt the boy’s indifference at her. She did not expect his distant response. So the girl tried her best.

How are you today?” the girl asked in her friendliest tone.

The boy starts to feel uneasy with the way the girl is talking to him. And with a grumpy look, he said, “What do you want?”

The girl started to feel apprehensive with the situation. She is now beautiful and yet the boy is still indifferent towards her. She did not expect this. She thought that the boy will immediately be smitten with her, once he sees how beautiful she has become.

Feeling desperate, the girl gathered all her remaining strength and straightforwardly confessed to the boy.

I love you.”

The boy looked at the girl with mocking expression. “Are you crazy?”

The girl was taken aback by the boy’s response. “Why? Don’t you find me beautiful? Don’t you like me?”

Then tears started to fall from the girl’s eyes.

Suddenly the boy felt guilty with what is happening. “What’s wrong with you?” the boy asked worriedly.

With tears in her eyes, the girl looked at the boy straight in the eye.

Look, I’m sorry if I said something offensive. But, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m really sorry.”

Then the girl ran away and went back to the genie.

Fake!” she said furiously.

That’s a terrible thing to say my dear. Tell me what happened.”

You’re fake! I am still ugly!”

The genie looked at the girl with worrying eyes, and replied. “You are gravely mistaken my dear, you are nothing but a beauty.”

The girl is still furious. “Liar! I’m still ugly and he still doesn’t like me. I wasted the last wish I have. You tricked me.”

The genie was confused with what the girl has said. “But you told me to make you beautiful. You did not tell me you want him to fall in love with you. That’s different my dear.”

The girl was shocked with what she heard from the genie.

I thought once I’m beautiful, he’ll like me. And we’ll be together. What’s wrong with me? Tell me?” Then she continued crying.

With calming voice, the genie said. “There’s nothing wrong with you, my dear. Actually, you still have your one wish.”

The girl was confused. “What do you mean?”

I’m sorry, but I failed to give you that wish, because it is unnecessary. You are already beautiful.”

The girl cannot believe what the genie has said. And asked, “If I am beautiful, then why he’s still not into me?”

It’s because he is blind. He can’t see the most wonderful girl in the world. There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s something wrong with that boy.”

But I like him.” The girl firmly said.

That kind of boy who doesn’t know how to appreciate the beauty in you, do you think he’s worthy of your love?”

The girl was just silent. She doesn’t know what to say to what the genie has told her.

The right guy will come, and he’ll love you more than you love him.”

The genie’s words are very soothing and seem to calm the troubled heart of the girl.

With a smile, the girl said, “Tell me, are you really a genie or a fortune teller?”

The genie laughed so hard with the girl’s comment. “I can be both. Remember, I have magic powers.”

Tears slowly disappeared in the girl’s eyes. “Thank you.”

The genie surprised the girl when he said, “So what do you want for your last wish?

The girl smiled and said, “I thought you can be a fortune teller? How come you are still asking me that question?”

Genie laughed and granted the girls wish. 


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