5 Cool Things I Learned from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

During and after I finished watching FRIENDS, I realized that I will never find another amazing American TV show on this planet. FRIENDS is actually one of the best and amazing things that happened in the 90s that will live on forever. I am not saying this because I am a hardcore fan of the show, but because the show is simply VERY GOOD…

I think I have shared enough of my enthusiasm, so let me just share SOME of the “THINGS” that this individually awesome characters have taught me:

1. Be positive and laugh away your worries.


A mom who killed herself? Divorced parents? Divorced three times? Not getting that part and being rejected many times? Feeling alone and lonely? The whole gang gave us a lot of reasons to be sad and depressed with all the unfortunate things that have befell on them. But whenever I watched them, there isn’t a single tear or sadness in their faces. They even joke about their own misfortunes. They are so good at being so positive that it is so contagious. And what makes all these problems easy to bear is the way they stick together and support each other.

2. Your past doesn’t define who you are.


Cliche. Yes. But it is a solid truth. And these guys gave us a powerful reminder of this overuse thought. Whenever I watch flashback episodes I just can’t help but think how they were before and how they look much better now. It was really something amazing. They were all losers in the past, but they’ve become winners TOGETHER in the present.

3. Don’t lose hope in pursuing what you really want


They’ve experienced crappy jobs. Monica as a fast food cook. Rachelle as a cafe waitress. Phoebe as a street performer (don’t get me started with the mugging). Joey as a cafe waiter or been involved in odd jobs. Ross was on a sabbatical. And Chandler, well up until now, I really don’t have an idea what his work is until he resigned and became a Junior Copy Writer. Anyway, having crappy jobs or being rejected so many times did not stop them from pursuing what they really love. They stood firm for what they wanted and took every opportunity and risk that came their way.

Not all people are lucky to wake up in the morning and have the best job in the world. Rejections are part of life, even crappy jobs. Because without all these, we won’t be able to appreciate that passion we’ve always wanted and these people just won’t stop reminding us this.

4. Your best friend is your best true love


I know finding true love with your best friend is not that easy. There are awkward moments. And even if you both feel that you are already made for each other, you won’t escape misunderstandings and relationship problems on the way. Because, hey, that is just how all kinds of relationship go. But again, finding that elusive love on a friend, is one of the most wonderful things that a person could experience. Monica and Chandler, Rachel and Ross have made that very clear for us. Even “we are on a break” thing didn’t stand a chance.

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the best things that we can have in a life time


Need I say more? These guys nailed it and they have hit us with their best shot.


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