That time when I used feminine wash as shampoo

For girls, we have our needs down there, and this should not be confused with our needs for our hair. However, when I was young, I seem to not know the difference.

There are a lot of things that we don’t know when we are young. So, when I was seven, I have no idea with the existence of feminine wash. The only essential things that I am familiar with when inside the bathroom are soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Everything that is slippery, scented and can make bubbles is either for the body or hair. So I really don’t have an idea of other hygiene essentials.

When I was having my summer vacation at my grandma’s house, I had the chance to be acquainted with different hygiene must-haves. Just to be clear, these are not my lola’s nor my lolo’s but my Tita’s intimate kit.

At that time, I really don’t have any idea what those different bottles are all for. I thought that perhaps my Tita is just trying to use wide variety of shampoos to make her hair softer, silkier, blacker, and really smells good. So when I ran out of shampoo, I decided to use one of her bottles.

Since I have a lot of choices, I decided to use process of elimination which involves physical appeal. I remember picking the pink one because it looks really cute and feminine. I just stared at the bottle and read it’s name but not the rest of the label. I opened it and immediately smelled a heavenly scent that I never knew existed. It smells so good that I squeezed a good amount on my hand. It was just as concentrated and sticky as my shampoo and it has a pearl-silk like color. With this, I have no doubt in using it for my hair.

As I rub it in my hair and massage my scalp, the scent continues to amaze me. But after some seconds, I realized that it doesn’t has any bubbles than it supposed to. I rubbed it again, and still, no bubble. Then I thought, perhaps it was not a shampoo but a conditioner. So to confirm my guess, I turned on the shower and waited for the silky feel on my hair. To my dismay it did nothing like that. Instead, what I felt was a hair that is rough and tangled.

When my tita arrived from work, I immediately said my apologies for using that shampoo without asking her. I expected her to be mad at me but instead she laughed so hard. I thought, her laughing, is a good thing than having an earful the whole night. However, I was really horrified when she explained to me what that liquid is for.

Since then, I decided to not use any of her things without asking permission. I also learned to read labels thoroughly or instructions before using or doing something.

I know this is a silly story of carelessness. However, aside from the good laugh I get whenever I think about this story, is the gratefulness that it was not something worse. I would have used a chemical that would have damaged my body at that time.

It was indeed a good learning experience for me as a child. Now that I am no longer that gullible seven-year-old good-for-nothing girl, I know better not to use something that I have no idea about.

Do you also have a silly story where you learned a good lesson? Why don’t you share it with everyone?


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