Annoying people you will encounter in movie houses

It’s 2015! And I know some of you are excited for the newest and kick ass movie to be released this year. Whether you are going with your friends, family, and significant other or just by yourself, watching a good movie in the big screen is really an upscale kind of entertainment. (Ooopps… don’t forget that popcorn and soda!).

movie watching

And just when you thought everything is getting great comes the very annoying habit of your fellow movie goers which ruin your amazing movie experience. (Or is it the other way around?) Anyway, I know most of us have our own fair share of horrible experiences when we are in movie houses, so let me list down some of them.

1. The thunderous monster muncher


Our movie experience won’t be completed without the company of good popcorn or delicious snacks and drinks. We get to bring almost any kind of food inside. I remember bringing a whole roasted chicken with my friend and we went out of the cinema with dirty hands. I digress, apologies. Anyway, there is nothing wrong in bringing whatever food you like for as long as you’d be very considerate in eating it. I’m not saying you should share it with some strangers (Which is probably a kind deed). But be careful with the noises you create in eating your food. The simple “crack-crack”, “munch-munch”, “nom-nom”, noises we make may irritate those that are close to you. And this does not give us a good impression from others. And if I may add, that crumbs and trash you left, may just reflect what kind of person you are.

2. The all-knowing movie critic


I understand you’ve seen the trailers numerous times than intended. I get it that you’ve read a lot of reviews and criticisms before the movie is released on the big screen. I know that you are a fan of the movie that you’ve read that book where it was based on. We get it! You know almost everything about that movie, even that underwear that movie star used! But you don’t have to be vocal about that and tell everyone what should be and should not be included in the film. Hey, you are not the only person watching it. There are a lot of people who paid a buck to discover what the story is all about. Give them a break and shut that smarty mouth up.

3. The no-shame erotic lovers


You paid a good money to watch a good film, but wait, there’s a little treat in that dark corner! Oh, oh, oh, eeewww! I know it’s dark, cozy and exciting to cajole and smooch in a public place like a movie house but have some decency my friend. You don’t want to mistake that comfy chair for a bed, right? Get a grip, get a room and don’t give everyone an unnecessary treat that they did not pay for. Because it is hard to concentrate in a film with a steamy live show in a corner.

4. The sleep watchers and zombie snorers


I do understand that there are really films that are boring and dragging that instead of watching it, you get your money’s worth by sleeping on it. Well, there seem to be no problem for that. Sleeping is actually fine. But snoring? Oh come on! That is not what I paid for. It is indeed unfortunate to be seated right next to that heavy snorer, so I guess you just have to bear that extra musical score for the rest of the film. And by the way, would you be kind to tell that heavy snorer to see a doctor?

5. The scardy cats


We react whenever there is a scene that put our senses to their highest levels. Especially when it comes to horror or suspense films, we get to scream with everyone. However, scare levels vary from person to person. What is scary for me may not be scary for you, hence, the existence of people reacting to minor and not-so-scary scenes. I know they can be annoying (most of the time) but the least thing we can do is to ignore them and try to switch on that patience button to get a grip of the situation.


Do you have any other items you want to include in the list? Share them in the comment box below! Happy watching!


One thought on “Annoying people you will encounter in movie houses

  1. 😀 I try to avoid #1 and at least not have bag of chips because they make too much noise XD Errr I might be a bit of scardy cat…but now I just watch horror movies at home.
    Hmm one more, those who have their phones super super illuminated and they are writing emails or something still during the trailers of the movie 😀 it does bother me a bit if I am right behind them

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