Last year around December, my friend and I planned to have a healthy jog at one of the most serene and cleanest parks in Pampanga – Parade Grounds.

Since the park is located inside Clark Special Economic Zone, we still need to ride a jeep to go there.

While we were at the terminal, we suddenly thought of walking our way to the park. The thought sounded really crazy considering the long distance of the park from the terminal. But then again, we became competitive and decided to give it a try. Besides, walking our way there would be a good warmup for us and we would have the opportunity to know how far the park really is. This is also a good opportunity for us to try something new and extraordinary.

We’ve walked a lot in different places, but this will be the first time that we’ll walk miles to get in our destination.

The walk was really fun.

With the cool air and good road condition, it’s as if we were in a different place. However, we have to be careful with the fast cars and vehicles passing around.

We shared good stories the whole journey. We talked about random but interesting things. The walk actually became the best bonding experience we had so far as compared to our “over the cup of coffee” chitchats. With our active comminication and exciting exchanges, the whole journey didn’t feel that long.

However, our body betrayed us. No matter how much we enjoyed the whole walk and talk experience, our human body needed rest. It was no joke to walk who-knows-how-many kilometers. We were about to get a ride from the nearest jeepney station when suddenly our competitive selves woke up and we challenged each other to finished what we started.

And I am proud to say that, despite the danger of walking in that busy highway and the urge to rest our already exhausted body, we were able to finished the whole journey. It took us two hours to finish that almost seven km road.

When we arrived at the park, we were obviously exhausted and the sun was already up. We decided to reward ourselves with a very good and sumptous breakfast, but we were not able to find a good place around.

Lucky for us, a police officer in the area generously offered to give us a ride in the nearest fast food.

And voila! After that long unexpected journey, we were able to have and enjoy a really good breakfast (eventhough it was just a mediocre fast food breakfast).

The whole experience is one of the most memorable experiences that I will never forget. Sharing the experience with one of your best buddies makes everything more special.


I thought I won’t be able to do that again. However, last night, I was chatting with my friend who also happens to be one of my jogging buddies and opened up the idea of walking from SM Clark to Marquee Mall.

Without any hesitation and with so much excitement, we just did it.

I woke up at 4:30 and we were up and ready to go at exactly 5 am. We started walking from SM Clark and did not go for any short cuts on our way to Don Bonifacio street.

Walking in a busy and steep road is difficult and dangerous. And unlike the road inside Clark, Don Boni street is dirty. There are potholes and some roads are broken. Trashes were also scattered on the side of the road. But we survived. We were able to finish the walk to Marquee Mall for 45 minutes.

Since we still have a lot of energy we decided to continue. We walked from Marquee Mall to Starbucks in Marisol so we could have a good coffee after.

It was a long tiring walk. Good thing the air is cold and the sun is not yet up so we didn’t sweat much. Unfortunately, the coffee shop is close so we ended up drinking bottled water at 7/11 just to quench our thirst and exhaustion.


Walking just like jogging is another way to keep us healthy and physically fit. But for me I find walking an opportunity to feel things around me. I may not be able to achieve the real purpose of it, but having to experience something extraordinary is beyond the achievement of losing some pounds.

So see u again next year for another #awalktoremember

Great Life!


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