Of gaining, losing and being too consumed in this materialistic world

Two years ago, I dreamed of having a really cool top of the line phone. However, considering my finances back then, I am aware that this will just be forever in the my bucket list unchecked. So, I cannot believe my luck when suddenly opportunity knocks on my window and threw out that awesome phone in my face.

I was so happy I cannot believe it. It may sound crazy and weird but the feel of that soft screen in my thumb, that slim body in my palm and the smell of brand new metal, is all like fantasy to me.

At first, I thought I was just dreaming, but when I woke up in the morning, it is still there, cool and fresh from the box. I may be exaggerating this, but who cares? I have waited for years, and now I have my dream phone. Something that I never thought would be mine. When you are used to that feeling of not getting what you want, these simple things are really something that is hard to believe.

The new experience of having that phone gave me so much to hope for, not just about having material possessions but also about life. It gives me reason to believe that dreams really do come true. And when your dream is realized, you get motivated to dream more and to dream bigger. If you can make small dreams happen, then there is no way you cannot make big ones to come true.

That was me, three days ago, when my little bundle of technological joy is still in the palm of my hands, unbroken. I was so inspired and happy with it. But that happiness suddenly disappeared when that stupid phone went nuts. Something bad happened to the phone that is beyond my understanding and I have to go to the store where I bought it to have it checked. And the diagnosis – they have to replace it with a new one since they cannot fix it right there and then. Well, that’s good! I get to have a new phone, again! But wait! I still have to wait for one long week for that to happen. And that’s where how my weekend and the following days are ruined.

I have no choice. I have to get it replaced or else I have to stick with a stupid non-functional expensive phone. I thought waiting for a week is ok. But, no hour has passed that I never thought of it. I miss it so badly. So bad, that I get irritated at the thought of it not with me. I can’t wait for a week not sure if they will find a replacement. But as I have said, I have no choice and waiting, no matter how “badly hurts” it is for me, is the least thing that I can do right now.

All these gaining, losing and missing-so-badly stuffs, made me realized something about myself.

I never thought that a simple phone would consume me this big. I never thought that, that simple mundane thing that has detached us from being sociable has influenced me in just a matter of days. It got me occupied and uneasy. I lost my focus and it has affected my mood greatly. I let myself be so affected with just a “thing”. And to think that that thing has just been with me in the span of three days.

Now, I realized how crazy all these things have been for me. It was just a phone for Christ’s sake! I don’t have it before, and I was ok with it. I have lived two decades not having that thing in my life and I was ok, happy and contented.

Losing that phone made me realized of how stupid I am. Of how I give more importance to material things than those that really matter. It sucks to feel this way. It sucks to be a slave of that inanimate thing and to be so involved in this materialistic world.

Having your dreams come true is really something wonderful and magical. But being too consumed of that dream may not do us good. When we are too preoccupied with something, we tend to lose focus and forget our other dreams. Yes, we gain something but at the same time we lose something, and sometimes it is our real self.

This simple experience may mean nothing to others, but for me, it made me discover something new about myself.

What about you? Do you have any experience that made you feel this way? Share it in the comment box below. #lessthanthree


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