Why saying sorry is sometimes not good

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. We make mistakes that sometimes offend and hurt others. And we know that we cannot undo whatever we did. All that is left for us, is to say that we are sorry. No matter how big or small our mistakes are, it is the least we could do to somehow make things right or easy to accept.

However, saying sorry all the time is not a privilege that should be exhausted. It should be used properly and with great sincerity. But there are some people who keep on using it as if it is part of their language. Here are some reasons why we should stop saying “I am sorry” all the time.

1. It starts to lose its meaning

There are times when we can’t help but feel really sorry about something we have done. Thus, to make up for that, we keep on saying sorry over and over again, in the hope of undoing our mistake. But as I have said no matter how many times we say “I am sorry”, we cannot undo things once they are done. And so, what we do when we keep on saying sorry is that we start to lose the meaning of what we are trying to say and we start to sound insincere.

2. It starts to get annoying

Instead of making up to the person you hurt, you might get him/her annoyed with your endless sorry. Nothing is more annoying than someone who keeps on repeating something that you already accepted and just wanted to forget. Any word uttered many times than it’s supposed to be is not just tiring but also irritating. And repeatedly saying something that is as sensitive and as pure as “sorry” is just worst. I’m sure, no one deserves to get hurt, but no one also deserves to receive a seemingly endless remark of “I’m sorrys” in every instance of conversation.

3. A simple mistake becomes a big deal

Saying you are sorry is a reminder of the mistake you did to a person. Thus, when we keep on saying it, we continuously remind the person of the wrong things we did, even though the person has already forgiven us and decided to forget everything. A simple mistake becomes big of a deal because we keep on saying how apologetic we are. It makes the person feel that there is indeed something wrong that makes his/her feel that you are not worthy of his/her forgiveness. You, being sorry, does not make the situation good, sometimes it makes everything worse. It even creates unnecessary emotions or expectations that can lead to awful misunderstandings.

Sorry is not just a word that we can say whenever and how ever we want it. It is an expression to show how regretful we are over the things that we did that have hurt or wronged others. Sometimes, it is the only thing that we can do to somehow make up for our mistakes. Just like the words “I love you”, we should know and learn how to use the words “I am sorry” properly and with sincerity. And don’t even get me started on #sorrynotsorry.

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One thought on “Why saying sorry is sometimes not good

  1. I completely agree with all your points, sorry should be said from the heart or it would just eventually loose its meaning to mankind all over the world, imagine that! I have a very hard time saying sorry and i know that when i do, its sincere. 🙂

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