What smart women really like in men

Sometimes it is not really about the flowers, chocolates, romantic dinner or even the most expensive gem in the world that matter with smart and independent women. Smart women believe that these things are fleeting, thus you cannot buy their interest with these kinds of mundane things. Only shallow bitches will be deceived with the fake glows of diamonds and the promises of withered roses.

But what do really smart women want when it comes to relationships?

I believed that one of the most important things to know when it comes to wooing smart women is that men should know how to make an interesting sound conversation. Smart women are easily swept away with a man who knows how to use his tongue, literally and figuratively.

I remember the time when one of my girlfriends shared with me her encounter with a guy. The guy obviously liked her. So one time when the guy texted my friend and asked her how is she doing, she accommodated the guy and texted him for a while. However, after five minutes of texting, the guy seemed to run out of topic or question to ask my friend. My friend immediately was bored with the guy and decided to stop replying to him.

It is not the guy’s fault for not able to think interesting topic to talk with my friend. However, it is not also my friend’s fault if she got bored with him.

If a man is really interested in a woman, he should know how to deal with her and think of ways that will connect him to her. He should have thought of good things to ask or say to her the moment he decided to text her. Since he was the one to attack first, he should know how to maintain the momentum.

The guy should’ve tried asking questions about her favorite music, food, shows, hobbies, or anything that she likes. From here, he might have found interesting similarities between the two of them and this will be a good chance to continue the conversation.

The guy should’ve also tried sharing some interesting things about him. This is for the girl to know more about the guy. However, be careful in sharing too much, for the girl might think that you are conceited in sharing too much about yourself.

Being a good conversationalist doesn’t mean that you will do all the talking or the asking. Men should also know how to listen attentively.

Women like to talk. Unlike men, they love to blab about almost everything even the most mundane and worthless stuff like the color of their dead toenail. And for that, men should have the patience to listen carefully to them. Listening to women is not something you choose. It is something that men need to do.

When listening to her, try to remember the smallest details of what she is sharing with you. Then use these details to get her attention. For example, she kept on telling you how much she like reading, you might want to give her a book by her favorite author or share a title you like. This will easily get her attention and will be happy being with you. Believe me, because most girls prefer a man who remembers than a man who makes promises, only to break them afterwards.

Empowered women pay attention more to personality. All men have to do is remove all inhibitions and insecurities about themselves that hold them back from talking to women. They should just show who they are.

Intelligent women understand. That is why no matter how corny or weird you are, a smart independent woman will surely understand you. However, removing inhibitions and insecurities doesn’t mean you are allowed to be so cocky in showing off about yourself. That is different.

Many think that smart women are hard to get and are sometimes high maintenance. But in reality, they are just ordinary women who happen to know what they want and won’t settle for anything that is less. And if men don’t know how to deal with this, then sorry for them. They are not also that high maintenance. In fact, it only takes simple talks and understanding that will get their interest.

Thank you for reading! Share some of your thoughts below! #lessthanthree


2 thoughts on “What smart women really like in men

  1. I don’t know if it was your intention, but most of the things in bold were bad and offensive advice. “Only shallow bitches will be deceived with the fake glows of diamonds and the promises of withered roses.” What is deceptive about flowers? My boyfriend got me flowers for our anniversary, should I dump him? He got flowers he knew I would like and surprised me with them, and it was a very thoughtful gesture, because he had to walk two miles to get them. What if the girl really likes flowers? Or if she really likes jewelry because she enjoys fashion, and the man knows this?

    “Listening to women is not something you choose. It is something that men need to do.” Also, this is implying that all women are chatterboxes while all men are insensitive pigs who don’t want to listen.

    “Since he was the one to attack first, he should know how to maintain the momentum.” This is another problematic statement. Why turn flirtation into an aggressive action? And why do we place all of the burden on the guy? They already have to ask the girl out 99% of the time, so now they also have to do all these things to hope that a girl will think they’re worthy?

    Honestly, this is useless advice. All girls are different. I’m a very smart woman, but if a guy showed up to our first date with flowers, that would make me smile. Yes, I need him to also be able to carry a conversation, but ALL relationships need common ground to build on, not just this narrow demographic of “smart” women. Also, according to this, “smart” women will only like extroverted men, but since they’re “smart” they won’t care about your finances or your looks, which also isn’t true. People don’t want to start a relationship with someone they’d have to immediately support and you can’t help who you’re attracted to.

    Sorry if this seems aggressive, but I really think that this would be counterproductive for a guy.

  2. Hello… Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found something that blessed you. I will be sharing soon on some more dreams, visions and things I sense the Lord speak to me in quiet times. You also keep up this great work! 🙂 have a great day!

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