Why sometimes we end up with things we hated the most

If there was one thing in my childhood that I have hated the most, that would be TV ads. I hated how commercials incessantly disrupt me from watching my favorite TV show. Who wouldn’t be annoyed with something that always disrupts you from watching your favorite show? I would literally flip tables during these situations. But what is worse than this is that, you have to wait for that endless series of commercials to stop before your favorite show starts to run again. Before you knew it, the series of commercials have already occupied the 30-minute spot that is supposedly allotted alone to your favorite show. And you are left with no choice of waiting for the whole day, or worst one whole week before the next episode.

Of course, for those lucky people who are on cable, do not have to worry about this first world problem. But for those who are enjoying the free programming in “free TV”, are stuck with these annoying ads for their whole free TV life.

Considering my hate towards these TV ads, I never thought that I would end up being in the very industry that creates them – hello advertising world!

I am proud to say that I have a degree in Mass Communications with specializations in Advertising and Public Relations. How I end up with this? Well, I cannot fully say that I don’t know, or that one thing led to another. Because it is still very clear in my mind how I chose this course.

I was supposed to enroll in a mass communications course, majoring in broadcast journalism. But after my friends and some of my trusted confidants, gave their two cents on the matter, they have successfully convinced me that there is a very slim chance of being successful in this field especially if you are not in a good university. Having been enrolled for almost 10 years of my life in a provincial school, I understand where their concern is coming from.

I know that I should not let their opinions affect my dream. But I realized that I should be realistic. Considering the kind of school that I am in, and the kind of curriculum it has for a communication degree, the possibility that they are correct is more or less 90%. I can also feel it too. So to prevent any regrets and future failures, I decided to change my major into advertising and public relations, which I think, considering the situation, has a higher success rate than my first decision.

You may say that I am an ass for listening to others and not just go for whatever I want. But, you know what, even though I was not able to become the reporter that I have once dreamed of, I have not regretted making that decision of shifting major. I am actually happy with all the things that I have learned and with all the people I have met. And if given a chance, I would probably not trade these learning and good people for anything. I would actually take the same course again.

Now, when I try to go back in the days that I have hated commercials so much, I just can’t help but laugh. I don’t hate TV ads that much now, in fact, they are sometimes the reason why I watch TV. It’s really funny and amusing to think that the very thing that I dislike so much before is actually the very thing that gives me money and makes me happy now. Well, that’s the wonder of life, I guess.

I believed that God has great plans for all of us. These plans may not be parallel with the things we want, but I assure you that these plans are the best plans that we could ask for. We just have to trust Him to lead the way, take the wheel and hold on tight to whatever He will take us.

Again, I may never have imagined being in this situation when I was young, but I have no fear or regret for being here, because, I am sure, He made me be here.

Perhaps this whole thing about me hating TV commercials is God’s way of reminding me that I am capable of loving even the things that I once hated. And sometimes, these things that I hated are actually part of those stepping stones that I need to take to be the person that He wants me to be.

How about you, have you hated something or someone before only to end up with it today? Share some of your stories below. Oops, just make sure they are in 750words max. Salamat! #lessthanthree

photo source: http://superiorplatform.com/pictures-of/faces/happy/happy-faces-avatars.htm


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