Why sometimes Good Girls still stay with Assholes

**In response to “Why sometimes Good Guys end up with Bitches”

It is plainly obvious. Good girls still stay and/or end up with bad guys because they are simply good and kind. They are so kind to the point of submission. They are so submissive to the point that they will heed to every request or will of the guy even if it will compromised them. They are so understanding that they are willing to forget and accept the flaws and mistakes of their partner. They are so good and kind to the point of stupidity.

I hate to admit that despite living in the twenty first century, where women are supposed to be empowered and independent, there are still some who chose to be slaves of other people, especially of love.

There are still understanding women out there who are ready to accept and forgive their cheating boyfriend. There are still kind and loving women who decided to still stay in a physically and verbally abusive relationship. There are still those who still stick with their partner despite all the neglects they have experienced. There are still women like these that exist.

And why is that? Why are there still women who stay in an unfavorable relationship? Is it because they really love the person? Is it because they can’t live without the person? Or is it because the boyfriend is blackmailing the girl? Or is it because the girl is a masochist? Or is it because she is just stupid?

I don’t have any idea, how to answer or even address this issue, for I have not experienced being in a bad relationship. But I know, for whatever reason these women have for staying in this kind of relationship, it is still wrong to be in a position where women are compromised, may it be physically or psychologically.

These women don’t deserve being cheated. They don’t deserve being abused. They don’t deserve being neglected. Instead, they deserve to be treated like princesses and queens. They should be loved as if she is the only girl in the world. This is what every girl with good heart deserves.

I am not judging or looking down to submissive or masochist girlfriends out there. I just want to affirm their existence and I would like to call out to everyone that, what these girls need is support and love that they rightfully deserve.

Even if, for us, their decision to stay in a bad relationship is the worst thing that they can do, still we have to accept and respect their decision. However, I am not saying that we should tolerate whatever bad circumstances they are having.

Whether it is our friend, co-worker, sister or someone we just know, we need to support them and make them realize the things that they deserve without forcing them to act on something that would hurt them more.

It may be difficult to understand them and to make them realize what is good for them, still as friends and concerned people, we need to help them get out of the mess they are in or at least make the situation a little favorable for them.

They don’t need our judgments. They don’t need our pity. What they need are friends who will support and understand them. Because what good girls need, is not an asshole lover, but good and loving friends who will stick to them, in good times and in bad times.


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