Reasons why jeepney love story is unlikely to happen

Jeepneys are one of the most famous and cheapest modes of transportation in the Philippines. Unlike subways or trains or buses, jeepneys are smaller and can only occupy a maximum of 12 passengers. It is the easiest way of going around the city.

I have been commuting for almost all my life. I have a lot of experiences when it comes to riding jeepneys, good and bad. But with all these experiences or jeepney moments, one of my favorites is dreaming my own jeepney love story.

I have to admit, that once in my life I have dreamt of meeting Mr. Right during a jeepney ride. Whenever I see a cute guy boarding the jeepney, I can’t help but get flustered and imagine wonderful things with that guy while we are having the trip.

I often imagine having passionate eye to eye contact with that cute guy. I can also almost feel the electricity of passionate attraction with the mere touch of the cute guy’s hand whenever he tries to pass on to me the fare which I later passed on unconsciously to the driver.

Every single bump during the ride seems to be a love bump that gets me closer to him. But then, everything ended when the cute guy has finally reached his destination thus leaving me alone inside, imagining.

I know that these are just funny illusions that I often have whenever I get bored riding the jeepney. However, being hopeless romantic, I can’t help but be hopeful that someday a cute jeepney love story will fall into my life. But I know better. With every bump in every trip, the reality that it is very unlikely to have a romantic jeepney fairy tale hits me.

But why is it really impossible for a jeepney love story to happen? Here are some of the things I have observed:

First, admit it, no one in their right mind will ask a girl, out of the blue, about her name and her number while inside the jeep. Jeepneys are public vehicles. So public that you have to share limited space with other people you barely know. The inside of the jeep is too close and tight that your every move is easily seen. Thus any public act will be easily noticed. Any unnecessary actions or decorum will easily merit an unsolicited reactions from other people boarding the jeep. And we all know that it is very hard to escape from this.

Second, let say there is a brave guy who all of a sudden smiled at you and asked your name and number. Don’t you think that it is kind of creepy for some stranger to do that? Not all girls are willing to give out information to strangers even if he is handsome. And men know this. They won’t dare to scare off girls and risk being rejected by someone they barely know and worst in a public vehicle.

Lastly, you might even suspect that someone for a thief or someone who is up to no good. No matter how good the guy’s intention is for asking you, you will never have the chance to know that because you are both strangers to each other and the length of time you spend during that jeepney ride is not enough.

I believe that love has its own place and time. Though, the chances that it may happen in a ride towards work or home seems to be slim and very unlikely, still we can never tell what destiny has in store for us. It may really be someone you often ride with, but failed to notice not until some divine intervention took place and you started to acknowledge the existence of each other.

We never know and we can never tell. We just have to pray for that someone and enjoy whatever journey of life we are having right now until we reach the destination of our own love story. #lessthanthree 🙂


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