In response to: “You Should Date An Illiterate Girl” by Charles Warnke

You may read the article here: “You Should Date An Illiterate Girl” by Charles Warnke

When I saw this article on the net, I was really curious. But after reading the article, I can’t help but feel demoralized with the kind of judgments the article gives to all the girls out there, illiterate or not.

First of all, to use the word “illiterate” to describe a girl, is something really rude. No one in this world has the right to judge people this way. There may be things that girls don’t know or there are things that girls are not capable of doing, but still no one has the right to say this to anyone.

Second, the title, even the content is implying that girls should lower their expectations and standards when it comes to relationships so that they will be in good harmony with the opposite sex. Why do girls have to do that? Because that’s what boys prefer? That is totally absurd.

So before I get too emotional about the topic, I decided to write something in response to this article.

Basically, the article pointed out that men should date illiterate girls because they are easy to please. They get all squishy and amazed with simple acts of romanticism. They don’t have high expectations over relationships and commitments. And they are less complicated.

As for intelligent girls, they have higher standards on almost everything. They know what they want. They know what kind of story they want their love story to be. They want to control everything. And they are complicated.

The above comparison clearly shows that illiterate girls are more favorable than that of an intelligent one. However, I don’t think that choosing the illiterate girl over the intelligent one means that the latter is lesser than the former.

It is true that an intelligent girl who reads, have higher expectations and knows a lot of things. But this does not mean that they will have to become illiterate just to please men. It is only normal for them to set higher expectations over relationships and men, because they have prior knowledge that these things are possible. And they know that this is what they deserve.

Intelligent girls know their capabilities and they know that they cannot settle for anything less. If a man cannot fulfill simple acts of romanticism that can please an intelligent girl, then no man deserves to be with an intelligent girl.

Unlike the misconception that intelligent girls are boring, they are far more interesting especially when it comes to conversation. Unlike an illiterate girl who only smiles and nods to whatever men say, intelligent girls offer interesting and sensible conversations that can trigger critical thinking in men.

Men don’t have to worry about opening or maintaining a conversation with an intelligent girl, because she has a wide range of topics that they can talk to. Because of her wide knowledge of different things, she can easily shift topics that will interest them both.

Intelligent girl may expect more from their partner. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the value of give and take. Intelligent girls also try their best to fulfill whatever expectations their partners have without compromising themselves or the relationship. They may be demanding that is because they know what they deserve and they are also aware of the things they have to do in return.

Unlike illiterate girls, intelligent girls understand the importance of freedom and independence. Thus, they are not clingy and demanding of time. They can give you the freedom and space you need for as long as you give them the same courtesy.

Furthermore, intelligent girls know how to support and push you to be your best. They are good motivator. They know that you can do better than that thus they push you to become better and better. Unlike illiterate girls who are already happy and contented with whatever you have become.

I understand that sometimes intelligent girls are intimidating. But their intelligence should not intimidate no one. People, especially men, should not make them feel that there is something wrong with them. Intelligent girls are also normal girls who fall in love and who get all squishy at romantic things. Men should rather take up the challenge of going after an intelligent girl because they are worth it. Intelligent girls are rare and irreplaceable.

But I guess, it only takes an intelligent man to realize all these.

2 thoughts on “In response to: “You Should Date An Illiterate Girl” by Charles Warnke

  1. The author knows deep down that he’ll never be enough for an intelligent girl. This isn’t meant to encourage women to dumb themselves down to be more attractive; rather it’s a snidey jab at those beautiful, encapsulating women that you have to work hard to get and work even harder to keep. The author only cuts down intelligent women on the shallow surface because the ones he’s really cutting down are the people that settle. Because they will never be good enough to constantly rise to the challenge of a fiercely intelligent person, they will never feel good enough; hence the line about a life in purgatory is better than a life in hell.
    This isn’t meant to cut down on women any deeper than a mere flesh wound. And the woman that knows how to grapple, knows that this is just a scratch to ignite a furious battle that she will emerge from triumphantly.

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