Why I won’t give up my three year plan

Just last year, I was asked how do I see myself three years from now. And I can still well remember how confident I am when I answered it.

There are only three things that I wanted myself to achieve after three years – one is to write and published a book, second is to see myself having autograph sessions of that book in malls and third is to enter graduate school.

I don’t know what has gotten me to say all that. I am aware and I fully acknowledged the difficulty of achieving those two things in my list. I know my skills and my capability. And I can say that I am no protégé when it comes to writing. I can’t even finish writing a short story much more a novelette.

I like writing but the intensity of my passion towards it, is not as passionate as a mad lover. I am often exhausted of opening my laptop and write the story that has been bugging me for weeks. I don’t even have the strength to get a pen and a paper to create a draft. I am so lazy to jot everything down. And when I get the strength and the passion to write, that’s the time when writer’s block strikes me.

I cannot say that I have enough passion to be the writer I wanted to be. I am just a spoiled brat who loves dreaming and who has always been drowning into her own imagination. So, right now that a year has passed, I can’t help but be anxious with the progress that I have made, if there is any.

Furthermore, I am disappointed with my work. I can’t seem to find fulfillment in doing menial writings for others. My anxiety towards my career has been amplified with the sudden drop of my social life. I am no longer the girl who used to go out late at night almost every day. I often stayed at home and read the whole day. It was depressing to see my friends out there spending their youthful days wisely, while I am at home in my pajamas staring at nothing.

I was starting to lose confidence in my ability to achieve my dreams. When I realized how bad I am doing with my life, I decided to start writing. I started to work on with my current story and luckily, I was able to finish it. It took me eight long months to finish a 10-chapter novel.

Even though it took me that long, I am still happy that I was finally able to finish something that would lead me to accomplishing my three-year plan. So, I immediately sent it to the publisher. Considering my previous records with this publisher, I put my expectations at bay. I just braced myself for their comments and another rejection.

I was lost for words when I found a return email. They have considered the crap I made and I was just too stunned to realize what happened.

So yes, it has been a year, and despite my anxiety towards my progress in achieving my three-year plan, this silver lining is sure to be a good booster to continue and hope for the best.

Right now, I am working on with the money that I will use once I enter graduate school. I know that it is not easy saving money, but I just have to do it, or else all the years I have spent working will go for nothing.

I am still at my current job and doing menial work for others. But so far, I have released my plan of resigning and looking for a more rewarding career. I will be staying with my current company for a while to earn and save money. While doing this, I will continue writing and produce stories again.

So, with all these, I am not giving up that three-year plan. I am so into it right now. I know that it is not that long, but it is just enough for me to make all my plans a reality.

How about you? How do you see yourself three years from now? Share your plans in the comment box below.


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