The most difficult question you can ask yourself

I suddenly remembered that time when an employer has asked me to describe myself in 100 words. The instruction is very simple. Once I have accomplished it, my chance of entering that company will increase. However, that question is some kind of a nightmare. I have not been in a situation where I was asked to describe myself, thus I was left with anxiety with what to do next.

Describing myself physically is the most stupid thing to do. The employer obviously have seen me, so no need to point out the unappealing physical aesthetics, I possess. On the other hand, highlighting my strengths, skills and talents may spark air of conceitedness on my part, however, pointing out my weaknesses may put me at a disadvantage. So I was in a very difficult situation on how I can describe myself and stretch it in 100 words without getting into a huge misunderstanding that may kick me out in the company.

That experience has made me realized that one of the most difficult questions that you could ask someone or yourself is to describe who the hell he/she is.

It is worse than solving an unanswerable-complicated-out-of-this-world math problem. You will end up with different solutions but you know you are still far from the right answer. It is mind blowing and you wished the question never existed.

But it exists and you are left with no choice but to answer it. So you try to look in the mirror and see the person in front of you. You try to pull out words that could justify who you are and how you see yourself. It is still not easy, as you become unconsciously biased with the words you choose.

You may describe yourself in ways you think is justifiable, but the description you have will never be the same with that of someone who wears Luis Vuitton or someone who lives in a dumpster.

It would end up either something you want others to believe or something that people will accept. And for this you could wish that mirrors have mouths so they could just answer this freaking question of who-are-you.

Self-affirmation is difficult. It will definitely give others the impression of cockiness that can put you in a disadvantageous situation. On the other hand, self-degradation may spark disappointments, pity or avoidance of others.

The favorable and reasonable options for you to do this, is to ask someone about yourself. However, we may not get an authentic answer from them. When it comes to interaction, people have the tendency to project a certain personality that changes whenever they interact with different groups of people.

Having your closest and most trusted friend or family members may solve this dilemma. There may be a little of hint of being biased on their descriptions, but that is the closest descriptions that you may get.

In the end, I answered the question based on the things my friends and family think of me and what I think of myself. I cannot assure my employer about the accuracy of my answer. The only way that I can prove myself is if that employer will hire me and so that I will be able to show him the real me.

Man is a social being and by that man cannot live alone. He must socialize with others to know who he really is and how he would like to be.

Have you been challenged before by the question of “who are you”?


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