Why there is nothing wrong with going for dating sites

You are young, vibrant, intelligent, kind, stable, and yet you find yourself alone in your room watching chick flicks and munching pizza in your loose pajamas.

You are tired of hearing people, worse your relatives say something about you not having a partner, or getting married soon.

You started to feel bad about attending weddings, baby showers and christenings.

You started to get annoyed with your virtual friends who post suggestive comments and photos of them with their boyfriends only to break up after some minutes of doing those posts.

You just wished that your own world would continue to revolve just like how the earth revolves on its axis and not give a fuck with all these.

Unfortunately, society reminds you otherwise.

While being contented with being single, you are constantly reminded by every single cell around you of your unluckiness of finding a partner. That is why you are pressured to take drastic measures to find that single soul who will somehow complete the emptiness in you. And the possible, easiest and seemingly most convenient way to do this is to register into a dating site.

Aside from finding a partner, there are different reasons why people turn to dating sites. Admit it or not, some people have mundane and stupid reasons why they invest their time, effort and sometimes money in these sites.

Some find it interesting to have a conversation with a stranger, while others have so many time that they want to waste it by fooling around with other people while others turn to these sites to find some indecent entertainment which gives these sites bad reputation.

Whatever your reason is for going into these, it is never wrong to ask help from a simple website.

Others may find it a disgrace for an empowered and career-oriented woman to go to these sites. But everything is fair in love and war. No one should feel bad about signing in to some website, except if you have bad intentions.

Going to these sites is not an indication that you are an ugly nasty beast that should be kept hidden. Well, you may be socially incapable or unconventionally attractive, but this doesn’t give people the right to judge you.

Perhaps, you are just too busy with your career or other things that you failed to pay attention to this one aspect of your life. But having considered that it is high time to do something about this, then it is not too late.

Remember that an empowered woman acknowledges her weaknesses and work on it. She is not affected with what others will say.

There is also nothing wrong for an independent young girl in her legal age of 20s to go for dating sites. I know that many will convince her that she is still young and can normally meet other people out there. Whilst this may be true, the possibility of increasing your chances of finding your partner in other way will be a clear advantage to you.

Furthermore, you are not forever young. You will soon reach an undesirable age of marriage and lose chances of settling down. That is why, it is only right to try your chances as early as possible, unless you have other priorities in mind, then you can somehow set aside finding a partner for a year or two.

Being alone may be easy for some. But not all of us are able to manage solitude especially during old age. Others may be destined to have this life, but you cannot fully blame destiny for any unhappiness that you might feel in the future. In the end, we have our life to control. Destiny only helps us to make it more colorful. It is up to us on how we use destiny’s game.

There may be a lot of ways in finding for a partner. All these ways entail sacrifices and repercussions. We should not let other’s opinion to affect us on how we want our lives to be lived. If we want to try finding luck by going to dating sites, we may do so. However, we should know our limits and always be careful and vigilant when trying something risky.

Penny for your thoughts?


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