The important lessons I learned from kids

I was walking home down our street when suddenly two kids dragged a small chair in front of me, blocking my way. Having no patience to excuse myself or scold them for their rudeness, I decided to ignore them and jump over the small chair.

I was not surprised to find them still busy playing with the chair which is now standing upside down. Watching the kids foolishly play with the poor thing made me smile. Their giggles are very contagious. I am not sure with what they were doing but based from their actions, it seems like the chair is something like a vehicle or an amusement ride. They were happily riding it and was making inanimate noises.

They were able to create a world of their own. They were happy with just the company of that non-living thing. They were not bothered with everything around them. They were so free.

Then I left. However, their laughers lingered in my mind. After that matter-of-second encounter, I realized something really important. Nothing can beat the innocence and imagination of a child.

We were all once a kid. Playful, naughty and sometimes stubborn. We don’t care with other people. All we have to do is eat, sleep and play. Being young allows us to to be foolish. It also gives us the opportunity to be someone we want to be, or just be ourself.

However, as time passes by, we grow and change. And whatever good or bad qualities we have when we were kids tend to change as well.

I suddenly felt envious as I recall my encounter with those kids. At that time, I was too occupied in passing over them while they were too busy playing in their makeshift world. I was in the real world while they were in their own paradise. My face was all blank while theirs were all smiles.

I envy their great imagination, because it makes everything real. Their imagination was so great, that I, too, felt its power. At that moment, I wish I had that kind of imagination too.

Having a childlike imagination is not difficult to achieve. You just have to let your mind travel and welcome all the silliness and impossible things to happen in your head. This is not about being crazy. This is about trying to think differently and allowing yourself to enjoy good thoughts.

However, doing this has become difficult. Most of us, are too absorbed with the mundane and cyclical life we have that we tend to close our minds to all the other possibilities.

I realized that it is important that we should not lose (or kill) the child in us. Being childish and childlike are two different things. The former is acting immaturely while the latter is adapting all the good qualities of a child.

We should remember how to be happy with simple things just like how kids find happiness with their new toy. This way we will be easily be satisfied with the simple things we have and will have.

We should learn how to forgive and forget just like how kids easily forgive and forget others who did them wrong. So that there won’t be room for grudges in our hearts.

We should not stop dreaming, just like how kids excitedly dream about being an astronaut or firefighter. It may sound silly, but dreaming gives us confidence to do the things that we longed to do.

We should be humble just like the little ones, and accept the mistakes we did and learn from them.

And lastly, we should learn how to love unconditionally like a child. Because what the world needs today is pure love and not indifference.

We may have changed through time, and the externalities may have changed us to someone we did not expect, but despite all these changes there is always that child deep within us. This child is alive and we have to take good care of it.


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