How Music Made Me Want To Travel: A Wonderful Journey with Walter Mitty Soundtrack

There are music that makes us happy, crazy, sad, sing even though we are not singers, dance even though we don’t know a decent dance move and even fall in love. There is magic in music that words cannot simply explain. And I never thought that part of this magic is its ability to make us want to travel or to have that feel of a wonderful journey.

Curiosity strikes me immediately when I found the trailer of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty popping again and again on my Facebook wall and Twitter dashboard. The movie’s unique title is sure to be an attention-grabber and a scroll-turner. So out of curiosity, I decided to have a peek at the trailer.

Voila! In just a matter of minutes, as the music hit the second scene in the trailer, I know I was a goner for its soundtrack. My ear was tingling with joy and my heart flutters so much that I was more into the soundtrack than to Ben Stiller or Kristen Wiig or to whatever the voice over in the trailer is saying.

After watching (or rather listening to the music soundbed) my heart is already fluttering with excitement as I replayed that appealing music in my mind. I immediately searched the whole soundtrack of the movie, and I was not surprised to see hundred hits of the soundtrack.

I started to listen, and immediately my mind drifted somewhere far away. I was just sitting in my office but my whole mind is traveling in places foreign to me. (I was literally spacing out that time.) My mood has suddenly changed and I can feel all the good vibes around me. When I opened my eyes after some minutes, (though feeling a little disappointed to see myself sitting in a corner office) I suddenly felt that urge to go out and travel far.

I was never a fan of travelling. I dreaded the long hours of bumpy road rides, or being in a small space of an airplane. I know that being in an unfamiliar but utterly and visually beautiful places and doing exciting things there, is fun and rewarding. I have experienced it before, and truly enjoyed it so much and would like to do it again. Despite this personal experience, Iwould still put “travelling” at the bottom part of my life bucket list.

However after discovering this unique and feel good music, I was suddenly motivated to travel.

Aside from that, I think, the soundtrack is a good mood changer. I often played it whenever I feel down. I have also found the need to listen to it whenever I take my breakfast. It immediately makes my day beautiful.

The Walter Mitty Soundtrack is not an ordinary collection of song. Each song has a certain charm. It has magic that gives you a visual and emotional feel of the wonders that you can get from a good journey. It is very different from the repetitive, mainstream and commercialized songs we have today that continue to rob our sanity.

Moreover, Jose Gonzales’s voice is so magical. Listening to it is like sitting in your garden and feeling the peace around you. It seems to give you a sense of momentary relief from the stress, noise and problems.

I haven’t seen the movie, but the soundtrack itself has already made a mark on me. I may have increased my expectations for the movie because of this but I don’t care. I just want to enjoy this good music and the moment.

Sharing you the trailer and soundtrack list of the movie. Enjoy watching and listening. Be alive and let your mind travel the world.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Official Trailer #2 

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty | Complete OST


Note from the retarded author of this blog:

For the past days, I noticed that I am being hunted by blank white pages and blinking cursors. I can’t seem to organize all the scattered thoughts in my mind and the voice as well as the will to write it all down. And I decided to cure this condition by challenging myself to create one blog post a day for this week.

I know it is very ironic to do this kind of challenge, given the fact that I don’t have the right ideas or will to write something that is decent enough to post in my blog. But then, I need some force to push me into something. Moreover, aside from this terrible writer’s block, I have also lost my reading momentum. I notice that, I am having difficulty in finishing a book. And because of this, I also decided to challenge myself to read at least 50 pages a day.

I am not sure if challenging myself is the cure to my laziness and this horrible writer’s block. But I think, this is a good start to something. I have not yet thought of punishments in case I fail my challenges, perhaps because I don’t think I will fail given that these challenges are not that difficult. Well, I guess I’m just too full of myself. And I apologize for that and for this useless rant.

#oneblogpostperdaychallenge #50pagesperdayreadingchallenge

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