#throwbackthursday: Music that defined our highschool love stories

If I would be given a chance to go back in time I would probably revisit my high school days just to have a glimpse and feel of that puppy love that made my heart flutter. Nah… that would be too cheesy. What I really wanted to do is revisit the songs that gave color to my high school life. I want to revive the feelings that I once felt whenever I listen to the music that made me smile and even cry. And since Thursday was allotted to bring back those past memories, I think it is only appropriate to share some of the songs that has defined our days back then.

So without further ado, here are some of the well-played and most memorable songs back in my high school days:

1. Someday by Nina – If nomination for the greatest heartbreaker song during that time will be opened, I would definitely vote this one. The song is really sad, with the dramatic and slow tempo, the hopeful-sounding lyrics and the soulful voice of the artist make up for that lonely feel that you cannot escape once you decided to listen to it.

I can still remember my female classmates’ sad and heartbroken faces whenever they try to have their own version of this song. Their expression is so authentic that you can imagine them starring in a music video. Well, I cannot blame them. The lyric is so relatable and this is perhaps one of the charms of the song.

2. Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift – This is one of the tear jerker songs during that time. Before it even hit million views on YouTube, this song has been sung by most girls who are in the friendzoned. I have to admit this song speaks so much of the truth that there was one time that I even shed a tear just by listening to this. This song is timeless.

3. High by The Speaks – I never got tired listening to this song especially that version of the band with Barbie Almalbis. It is so lovely. Even thought this is a personal favorite, this song is pretty much popular at that time. It’s easy guitar chords attracted guitar players that it became one of the most-played songs during jamming sessions at that time. Unlike the previous list, this song gives out a good vibe.

4. Migraine by Moonstar88 – Unlike its title, this song will not give you any headache, but will tug your heartstrings for all the pained realities of being in the friendzone. Yes, this could be, perhaps one of the best songs that can describe the feeling of being in that love-forsaken “zone”.

Its lyric is very catchy and relatable that I often hear it being sung in classrooms. Even though the lyric is a little sad, its tune is very upbeat. Moonstar88 did a good job on this song. It rocks to the core.

5. Always by Atlantic Star – It may be a little odd for this song to be included in this list. First, it is a famous wedding song, which makes it very inappropriate for students at that time. Second, it is a little too old for students like us. But still, this song has already become a part of our high school life whether we like it or not.

It is timeless. Its romantic feel can be felt by everyone, regardless if you are getting married or just having your first taste of puppy love. Whichever is the case, this is one of those songs that brought romance and color to our life during that time.This is one of the songs that salvaged us from all the tearjerking and heartbreaking friendzoned songs. So yes, this love song is included.

Bonus track:

Hawak Kamay by Yeng Constantino – The popularity of this song is not because it has been played on radio many times, but it has been played enough during our prom night to the point that we all went LSS-crazy. There was no other song that was played during that time except for this one, and that was very very memorable.



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