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The secrets of true happiness

I don’t have a car, a grand house, a fulfilling career or a handsome lover. But despite all these, I am pretty much good when it comes to the happiness department.

In reality, these are just material things, that will soon disappear. Things that don’t matter in the afterlife. However, living in a materialistic world, these fleeting things seem to define us as a person.

My Facebook wall is usually filled with shits about overrated coffee, exotic but over priced food, selfie in the most exotic destinations, high-end short life span gadgets and whatnots.

I don’t really care with what other people are posting or with whatever motive they have for sharing it. However, these innocuous statuses, whether we are conscious or not, have an effect on us.

The art of envy has leveled up in the virtual world. Today, people’s insecurities are being brought out from the statuses they made in their respective social network accounts.

Admit it or not, we suddenly feel a pang of envy whenever we see someone having a selfie on a famous beach or having a good time in an expensive hotel. You can’t help but feel bad about yourself when you see a friend enjoying his/her new Samsung phone or iPhone.

You started to become envious of the things that your friends have because it shows ALL the things that you don’t have. This is when you become unsatisfied and unhappy.

Well, I am not saying that this is true for everyone. I am just pointing out my own observation. I, myself, am a victim of this dilemma.

Whenever I logged into Facebook, I can’t help but admire the photos of my friends having a good time travelling abroad or enjoying the heat of the sun on the beach or parading their new phones or gadgets. I admit that I can’t help but feel jealous with these little things.

I am aware that I look pathetic scrolling down and drooling over these things. Then it struck me. I realized that there is no point in being envious with these people.

Indeed, it is really cool to have a selfie in a beautiful beach, but I am a person who does not like traveling. I don’t hate it, but if given a chance, traveling is least of my priorities I don’t feel the same euphoria other people feel whenever they board the plane. So there is really no reason why I will get envy with that.

Moreover, I don’t really need a new phone or high-end gadgets, that I know, will soon get faced-out because new and higher models will come out soon. I’m pretty much contented with my phone. I can text, call and even surf with my old model.

Happiness is relative. My happiness may not be the same with other people’s and vice versa. Acknowledging this fact, makes me feel contented with whatever I have and don’t have right now.

We have our own dreams, our own plans, our own happiness. We should not let other people influence us or try to detour us from achieving whatever we want to achieve. There is no reason to be envious of other people because we are traversing a different road from them. We don’t have to compare ourselves to others. The best thing that we can do is to use other people’s happiness to motivate us in getting our own.

It’s ok that I don’t have a car, because I don’t really need it and, in the first place, I don’t know how to drive. It’s ok that I don’t live in a big house, because I am pretty much happy living in a small one with my family. It’s ok if I don’t have a fulfilling career yet because my current work allows me to practice my skill and do other things that I wanted to do, and I’m cool with that. Lastly, it’s ok that I don’t have a romantic partner, because I choose to be single and be happy about it.

In the end, happiness is not about what you don’t have, it is about appreciating what you do have.

Photo credits to: http://s9.favim.com/610/130904/animation-cool-happiness-happy-Favim.com-898351.jpg


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