How the stranger in the mirror has stunned me

I was in second year high school when I realized my need for corrective lenses. We were on a field trip in Mt. Makiling when suddenly my surroundings became blurry. There seemed to be a fog everywhere I go, blocking every detail around me. The whole trip would have been really exciting and fun with all the activities and fresh surroundings. However, because of my condition I wasn’t able to fully utilize these opportunities. And so, when I finally realized what I have been missing out all this time, I decided to wear glasses.

There was hesitation on my part at first. Wearing glasses is not easy and I know it will hugely change my life not only physically, emotionally and perhaps even socially. But I have to do it and I know there is no turning back.

Back in the days, wearing glasses is perhaps one of the most intimidating accessories that one can wear. It gives others the opinion that you are intelligent, serious and a hard snob. It is really a surprise to know that a mere pair of lenses can already change the way others perceive someone.

Since the day I started wearing my first lens, I have suffered the high expectations of other people. The lenses I wore gave me the intelligent look that I never wished. My look seems to intimidate other people. And mind you, intimidating others is the last thing that I would want to do.

It took me a year to finally adjust with this must-need-accessory, physically. However, it was only today that I got used to the perceptions of other people to me. I can now confidently ignore their high expectations on me just because of my glasses.

Moreover, I finally accepted the fact that I cannot live without these glasses. My independence on it has grown bigger over the years. Currently, it was difficult for me to leave my own room without them. Right now I can’t even type a decent sentence without them unless I want to zoom in the whole document and type like a grade-schooler. These glasses are not mere glasses. They have become a part of me.

That is why I was really surprised to see a girl without glasses in the mirror, one morning. I can’t help but stare at the girl. She was a complete stranger. I felt a sudden stir inside me as I continue to stare at the figure. I am not sure if it was fear for not recognizing the girl or excitement with the complete change that I am seeing.

Up until now, there is still that weird feeling whenever I look at myself in the mirror and see that unfamiliar figure in front of me. Her eyes are different. There it sadness and boredom in those black orbs. It was like looking at a boring monochrome fading photo. But the image changes whenever I take my glasses back on. It becomes clearer but it still has that bland feeling.

I don’t know what happened. Perhaps change has really the power to surprise us. It occurs slowly without us noticing it. And before we know it, the small instance of change will gather together to make the effect more obvious. So obvious that it is impossible to turn back the time and bring back everything.

I don’t even remember anymore, how many glasses, I broke or lost or changed. But what I can remember is that completeness feeling of having seen the world crystal clear.

Wearing glasses may have given me a lot of discomfort and trouble that I have never expected. But this is the best alternative that I can have. The stranger in the mirror may surprise me now, but that is the least effect that it can give to me. And besides that stranger will be a reminder of who I was before. Boring, dull and sad. Contact lenses? Well that is another story.

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