Dangerous things we don’t know about love

Most of us view love as something wonderful and magical whilst is true we tend to ignore its other facets. Love is not just a mere feeling of showing affection towards someone or being attached to something. It is not just a positive feeling that we believed it to be. It is more than that. Sometimes, this special feeling that we humans feel, can be negative and can create unexpected turn of events in our life or in the life of others.

Here are some dangerous truths about love:

Love is madness


In Lauren Oliver’s young adult series Delirium, love is viewed as something that brings people to madness. It is the feeling that can cause havoc and war. It is viewed as something dangerous that it can even endanger the existence of humanity. In order to fight what is seems like the greatest evil emotions of all, every teenager who reached the age of 16 is required to undergo a screening/cleaning process to fully remove the “feeling of love” that may arise on him/her.


This may just be a work of fiction and the science we have today may not be that developed to fully remove something that is of nature to man. However, we cannot fully remove the reality that love can indeed put someone into madness. This lunacy has the tendency to turn something that can hurt others.

Have we not heard news about someone killing his/her lover because he/she can’t possibly bear to be away with that person? I know that this is utterly unreasonable.

We have the freedom to do the things that we want to do, and sometimes our actions tend to affect others simply because man is too weak to even control his/her own emotions.


Love is a rebellion

“Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay nasa himagsikan.” (True love is in revolution) – Lourd De Veyra, History

Love often times make people irrational. It can lead them to do unreasonable decisions that no one can possibly control or pacify. That is what George Orwell is trying to present in his dystopian novel, Nineteen eighty four (1984). He described love as a political act, an act of rebellion. In his novel, love is a dangerous feeling that can trigger a revolution or war.


You may control your thoughts, and others may rectify the things that you think. Moreover, others can even impose to you the things that you should and should not do. But no one in this world, not even the most powerful institution, or even yourself, can stop you from feeling it.

Love is an ultimate act of going against something or someone.


Love is slavery

Once you fall in love you will never be able to escape it. You will forever be enslaved by it. You cannot even control your thoughts or your feelings. You are like a puppet being pulled by your own heart (technically your brain’s hypothalamus).


And the least thing that you can do, once you fell in this hole, is to follow it, if not, great pain and heartbreak will soon fall into your life. That’s how cruel love is. People are even willing to suffer just so they could continue on loving. They are willing to do anything for it.

Love is a slavery of our own self.


Love is pain

Love can make you happy. But it can also make you bruised and helpless, physically and emotionally. It can make you suffer the most unbearable and invisible pain, in which there is no cure besides love itself.

You will give and even sacrifice everything you have and yet you will gain nothing. You let someone take something away from you without any reservations and with no assurance that you will get it back or get something in return.


Love is never equal

No matter how you try, you can never equate the love you offer and the love you will receive. It is unfair for it will not always give you everything you want. Sometimes, you will give more and you will receive less, worst none at all and vice versa.


Love is a two faced emotion. It has its black and negative side in order to fully appreciate its existence. It is only up to us people on how to use it or be used by it. But despite all these, humans will continue to love because it is one of the reasons why he exists.

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