Turning digital pages: My confessions on reading books and ebooks


If my books would have lips they would have cursed me for leaving them in my bookshelf and in different corners of our house to rot and be eaten by bugs and rodents. And the least thing that I could possibly do is to feel sorry for them.

I know I am horrible for letting these ‘vessels of information’ be filled with dust and dirt. Well, it is not my intention for their fates to be like this. They already served their purpose and the least thing that I can do is to use them as some display and make them be part of the interior aesthetics of our house.

We are now living in the digital age, where the use of dictionaries, encyclopedias and thesaurus are just memories of the past. And that is because, no one is foolish enough not to know that Google exists. Just a click and type away and you can get a hold of almost all the information you want to know. We are now in the era where people are drowning with information. No reason to be dumb.

Gone are the years when one has to buy dictionary just to know a certain word. Gone are the years where a salesperson would knock in front of your door and offer you current and limited edition of Merriam encyclopedia. The tangible and bulky books that we used to use were replaced by the different versions of soft, thin, slick, fashionable and handy laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The emergence of ebooks and other resource materials that can be found on the internet have challenged the existence of books. Students still carry and buy textbooks and go to the library. But do they really read and study them? Do they really go to the library for research? Or do they just open their laptops and connect to a free wifi to answer their assignments?

  • Internet is fast and easy

I used to go to the library when I was still a student to make some research for my assignments and thesis. However, being in the library I was suddenly faced with a dilemma. How will I possibly curate all these information? And so, I end up spending my whole day looking and analyzing every term, idea and theory in every single damn book.

Just like any normal student, I got impatient and decided to click the internet. It exceeded my expectations. In just a quick snap, the answers appeared before me. It was very fast, easy and convenient as compared to flipping pages of a bulky hardbound book.

The internet really made my life easier. Every graduate student should have shared their diploma with Google.

  • Ebooks are convenient and sometimes free

When I started working, I promised to buy a book with my very first salary. However, I was disappointed with how my favorite book would consume half of my allowance for the week, and so I decided to buy something else with my money. But my desire of reading that book did not stop me from getting a copy of it. That’s how I met ebooks.

Ebooks are convenient, handy and free. With my phone I could read all the books that I want to read anytime and anywhere. I was saved from the hassle of bringing a bulky hardbound book everywhere. Now, whenever I get bored or before I sleep even with lights closed, I just open my phone and start reading until I fall asleep.

  • The good thing about books

The truth is I really would like to buy books, however I just don’t want them to be left alone in the corner. You might suggest of donating them to someone or somewhere, or try to have a garage sale of books. However the idea of parting with them is not at all appealing to me. I may not be using them anymore but the sight of books relaxes me. It just feels good to have your own collection. It’s like an achievement.

My love for ebooks and real books vary in different aspects. I believe that there are books that are worth reading and worth buying. I am not that rich to buy all the books in the market just to hoard them. But I would like to invest in books that are really worth buying and worth sharing. Not all books out there are worth it. You just have to be wise in knowing which one is worth flipping, the digital or the traditional.


One thought on “Turning digital pages: My confessions on reading books and ebooks

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