Remembering 2013

It’s funny how I started the year by quitting from a position that would have made me a supervisor at a very young age for a work that is far from the luxury of being an office girl. Instead of working in a glamorous environment, I decided to do research and write articles for people I don’t even know and have my hard-earned money be thrown out in front of my face. But I don’t feel any regret with my decision. The fact that I am being paid for my published work is what made my decision worth it.

In fact, I never imagined that my job as a researcher/writer would open another more satisfying and financially rewarding career. So far, I am satisfied with my career as a content writer/information analyst for a travel website based in Australia. However, I still don’t find myself retiring with this company. But I have more time now to do other things that I want to do.

2013 has also opened the doors for travelling. For the first time in my life, I was able to go in one of the must-see destinations in the Philippines – Coron, Palawan. Thanks to a very good friend, this experience will forever be a bragging right.

Being a civil passer has also made this year very special. Thanks to the support of my friends who have helped me through the process. I would not make it without their help. And I will still be making it in 2014 as I take the professional level.

This year has also made me closer to my family. Thanks to numerous dine out experiences and pocket-wrecking meals at the mall and in other places. Though there were misunderstandings and conflicts, which is inevitable in a relationship, the bond that we have has become much stronger.

The misadventures, road trips, catch-ups and coffee dates with my friends were very comforting and inspirational. The companionship that I have experienced helped me in surpassing half of the crisis of my quarter life.

To see your name in print and prestigious websites is one of the most fulfilling and overwhelming moments of my 2013. These achievements have defined my priorities and my motivations in life as a person and as a writer.

However, 2013 has not spared me from rejections. Some of them were very upsetting to the point that I have stopped writing for months. However, the only thing that rejection can do to me is to move me. Move me in pursuing my goal further.

Those moments when I lost my will to write were replaced with my will to read. 2013 seems to awaken the reader in me. For the first time in my life, I have finished reading 30 plus books, cover to cover.

2013 has also taught me a very important lesson. I will never forget that time when I wished that the ground will just swallow me up after I was caught downloading multiple latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden during office hours. I am not at all proud about what happened. Good thing, the only cost that this event has given me was a lifetime of shame and tainted credibility known only to tech people in the office, which I think I can live up to. From here, I know better not to do something silly again.

There were a lot of fun runs and jogging experiences this year. However, it did not help me lose weight. In fact, I even became heavier and fatter. But to walk with your friends is sure to be one of the best moments you can have in your life.

I also tried to fall inlove. However, it was still a futile effort. I still end up loving the same person. Failing on this part has taught me to focus my energy and time to other more important things.

This year I have found my real self again. I have discovered the person who I want to be, and the goals that I would soon make into reality. I am no longer the girl who tries to fit into a world where she obviously does not belong. But a woman who tries to make a world where she can be who she wants to be and where everyone is welcome.

My life in 2013 was defined by the decisions and the kind of motivations that I have created. There were risks and of course sacrifices. But I did not regret any of it.


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