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Action figures, comics, cosplays and more at 14th Philippine Toycon

It’s the 14th Philippine ToyCon this year and I am just so happy to be a part of it, again. Hooray!

I was there the whole second day and I felt the intense euphoria oozing all over the place as excited hobbyist, enthusiasts and fans roam around SM Megatrade Hall 1, 2, 3 and 4 to search for cool toys, manga, and other rare items to add to their collections.

It was really amazing! Everyone got the chance to take cool photos of action figures and other rare toys and items. There were tiny toys, life size action figures and even insanely huge characters. Marvels, DCs, Animes, movie characters, local super heroes, name it and the ToyCon has it!

There were also cosplayer contestants that were roaming around who were really very kind to welcome ambush photo opts. My phone memory bled with all the photos I took. I shared some of them below.

The event really had everyone’s inner kid inside comes out! Up until now, I can still feel that amazing happiness of just being surrounded by toys and fellow fans.

I don’t know what happened on the other days of the event. But I did enjoy the programs on the second day. There was a Star Wars presentation. I am not really a fan of the franchise, and my knowledge about it, is that I know Darth Vader is the father of Luke and that R2D2 is a cute robot. But I enjoyed the Star Wars play and the cosplayers playing are really good and in character.

Aside featuring the upcoming release of Star Wars VII The Force Awakens, the event also highlighted other upcoming movies like Ant Man, Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, Attack on Titan Live Action, Doraemon Stand By Me, and Minions the movie among others.

The Philippine Queen of Cosplay Alodia Gosiengfiao is also there as Go Go Tomago of Big Hero 6. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take a close look because of too many fans gathering around her. Nonetheless, I think it is still cool to know that Alodia was there.

I am not a pure geek or nerd, I’m just a simple citizen who appreciates the beauty in every action figure but as a simple fan, but being in this kind of place is happiness, just ignore all the hassle you’ll experience in that crowded place.

The 14th Philippine Toycon happened last June 19-20-21, 2015 at the 5/F, Building B, SM Megamall.

Count down for the next Philippine Toycon starts now!

Sharing you some of the photos I took on the second day of the event:

This Antman action figure is intricately created that it looked so real. This is as tall as a 12 inch rule.
A close up look at Camp Big Falcon. The nostalgia here is so strong. 2015 is indeed the rebirth of the 90s.
This Attack On Titan Lego set is so cute! Are you ready for the live action movie?
Cuteness overload! Team Mario in the house!
I don't know what these are called. And I can't name most of the characters here. But I don't care. They are simple adorable.
Lara Croft just being the bad ass Lara Croft.
The terminator is back. This is just a 12inch hot toy but it looks so real!

I’ll be posting more photos on my instagram account!


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